5 Ways To Expand Your Business Online Through Instagram Marketing


5 Ways To Expand Your Business Online Through Instagram Marketing

Social Media is one of the key defining features of modern life- from Snapchat to Instagram and Pinterest– each social media platform has its associated uses and loyal user bases. Instagram is by far one of the most popular social media platform these days, and it has rapidly become one of the most favored ways of conducting an online marketing campaign to expand a business online and increase its reach. I intend to help you understand how you can achieve this today.

Why Instagram? 

As I’ve mentioned above, there are many different social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Tumblr. So you might ask why you should consider only Instagram for the moment? The answer is that Instagram is uniquely beneficial for expanding a business because of its emphasis on visuals and mass appeal to the general public. Instagram is a massive yet easy to use social media platform that can allow you to cast the widest net.

How can I use Instagram to expand my business?

There are many different ways to use Instagram for commercial purposes, but I will be explaining the five most effective ones.

Set up a Dedicated Business Account

It’s useful to support your business with occasional posts on your personal account, but if you want to make the best of Instagram for commercial expansion, you need a dedicated business account that exists solely for the explicit purpose of advancing your professional enterprise. Your dedicated business account also needs to be fully optimized to handle incoming traffic and re-direct potential consumers straight to your website, so including a link in your bio is a must. Your Instagram bio should also powerfully explain your brand’s nature and mission so that any onlookers who happen upon it should feel enticed. Your profile picture should have your Business Logo and the username should naturally be the same as your brand’s. In no case should you ever include any personal or non-professional pictures in your account. Your account is professional, so keep it that way. Build a consistent and solid Instagram theme for your account and stick to it.

Post enticing content

On a visually-oriented Social Media Platform, your content must be visually appealing to consumers. Your posts need to stand out, and they need to look enticing so that people pay attention to them. Use interesting colors, consistent design philosophy, and intelligent captions to gain traction. The ideal Instagram post is one that appears so striking at first glance that it forces someone to stop scrolling and have a look at it. It might take you some time before you figure out what the best approach for generating content is for your specific business, but your priority should always be to achieve the highest quality of content that you can.

Post on Regular Intervals

Like all other social media platforms, it is very important to make sure that you often post on Instagram. Posting too little results in no attention, while posting too often will result in people rapidly unfollowing you due to dislike of you bombarding their newsfeed. On Instagram, quantity matters as much as quality, so posting often is essential to reap the very maximum amount of benefit. The ideal is to post at regular intervals so that followers see your brand in their newsfeed every once a while, often enough that they don’t forget who you are, but not so repeatedly that they become annoyed with you. It is extremely important to achieve balance in this equation; if you’re able to achieve it, you can
expect very rapid results.

Reach out To Other Brands

Have a look at brands with commentary products to your own, such as laptops and laptop bags, and make an agreement with them. You can promote them or their products on your page and in exchange, they will do the same for you. Doing this with brands that offer products of a kind that people tend to use alongside your own is the most advantageous. This will help both of you to expand your social media reach, increase the number of followers, and reap the benefits from increased contact. Do not promote or support a controversial brand or one that has a reputation for being unreliable. Do this with reputable brands that have a social media presence comparable to your own.

Use Analytics to Your Advantage

One of the most important aspects of any Social Media Marketing Campaign is to run extensive analytics to gain more in-depth insight into the performance of your campaign. Doing this with Instagram is also a must. You need to constantly run analytics on all of your posts to identify trends and find what kind of demographic is most likely to be converted. This is a necessary step because Instagram has a massive and diverse user-base, so it is very desirable that you find out what kind of users you can appeal to the easiest as early as possible.

Running extensive analytics will also allow you to practice market segmentation on your Instagram follower base and draft posts that are suitable for each individual segment of your follower base. Allowing you to maximize your expansion on Instagram, by targeting the audience most likely to convert using the kind of content that appeals to them the most.


Instagram is one of the most effective ways for you to expand your business, but you must do it right. The 5 ways that I’ve outlined here aren’t the only ways to use Instagram; however, they often work efficiently and effectively. If you’d like some increased assistance with your marketing campaigns, be sure to have a look over here

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