Create Appealing Instagram Pictures To Promote Your Brand


How To Create Appealing Instagram Pictures To Promote Your Brand?

What is Instagram and how it can benefit expand business?

Instagram is the social media platform which is owned by Facebook. Instagram offers you a platform to have a personal connection as well as professional. No doubt this is the era of online shopping so these social media platforms are best to expand your business and to attract more people towards your brand or organization. Everything has its pros and cons but it’s up to you how you make benefit out of it?

Mostly people don’t like to visit mall and do shopping nowadays instead they prefer online shopping as it is most convenient way. Online shopping has become ritual of modern era. Everyone is starting their businesses on different platforms and no doubt they are earning well.

Instagram is one of the popular and most used social media site. Instagram helps you to connect people personally and professionally. You can earn well by doing business on Instagram. You have just started your business so you should make your business account on Instagram and start promoting. With this promotion, you can grab and attract more customers. As you know Instagram is most used app so you can grab large number of customers from this platform and make your business grow. Avail Social Media Marketing Services by SMM Agencies and give your business a professional look.

How to create appealing pictures and videos for Instagram to attract more customers for your brand?

To grab more customers and their attention as well, all you have to promote your brand. You can easily attract people by posting good images related to your brand or business.  People love to see good quality media (images or videos) of your brand which can be behind the scenes, collection of your products or any company event. Customers try to connect with you through all these things, but the quality of Instagram media should be appealing.

To make your feed attractive by appealing photos,
here are some ways that how to make perfect Instagram photos to sell your brand.

  • Role of Natural light

Good light produces good image. As compared to flash light, natural light is better. Lightning is the basis of every picture. You should choose natural light over flash light has it destroys the picture. Natural light gives you more clear and bright picture. Usually flash light flattens the picture and ruin the quality. At night you can use sources of light, lamp or Led lights ton make pictures interesting.

  • Correct time of Photography.

You know what is the correct time to do photography? When sun is about set, this time of the day make pictures more perfect. This time is known as golden hour. On a serious it’s really difficult to take good photos under sun. At the time of sunset, everything is calm and compose; environment is so appealing which makes picture attractive ultimately.

  • Avoid Overexposure

Overexposure means having too much light in the photo. The photo appears to be extremely bright and it’s completely washed out. Apart from overexposure, you can fix any issue with tools. You can avoid overexposure just by tapping and sliding on screen from top to bottom. Another is before taking picture, tap on the bright region of screen.

  • Focus on your angle

When you take any picture, your mobile or camera is at your eye level, isn’t?
This is not wrong but people get bore by looking every picture from same angle. If you are fond of photography then you should try taking photos from different angles. By taking pictures from different angles give your pictures a fresh touch. Try snapping by standing at chair, by lying down to take picture from ground level or by ascending the wall.

  • Concept/ Caption

When you take a picture post it there must be a backstory or any idea behind. Try to deliver your thinking through picture. To enhance your picture you can write a tagline or few lines which can gather more people. Your photography should be engaging that proves
“Actions speak louder than words.”

Important Elements/Tools which can make Pictures Interesting
  • Size

The size of Instagram standard image is 1080 x 1080 pixels. Although when picture is posted it gets lessens to 612 x 612 but it show on Instagram as 512 x 512.  When you post any image it should be according to given standard size given. If image is not of standard size so you should post it on any other platforms.

  • Attractive Background

It is one of the tricks which have always worked. When you are about to take pictures the location or background matters a lot as it gives complimentary effect to your photos. When you see good wallpaper or a good background whether in a restaurant or in a house you just snap the pictures.

  • Color

“Color influences our soul”. No doubt color gives life to the picture.
To get the innovative images you should use vibrant color in background or wear some eye catching color.